In two different spaces, Raed Ibrahim aims to create some questions in our heads. During my tours between Darat Al-Funnun spaces, a big camel in a !room caught my attention


The artist borrowed the name from the famous proverb “elephant in the room” trying to spot a light on political, religious and social issues that are big enough to be noticed, yet still ignored as if they are not here with us, sitting enormously in the same room. A point that must be highlighted is the artist’s choice to replace an elephant with a camel, making sure his installation work more relatable by viewers, since we -Arabs- are stigmatized with camels. !Nonetheless, we use them to promote our culture to others



The camel in the art work is inspired by a camel toy the artist bought from downtown, where tourists usually buy their souvenirs. In addition to all other questions the artwork could make you wonder .. there is a question about what makes a pink -made in China- camel represent my culture?



Moving on to a different installation that has the same power of questioning the truth!

From a first look, it seems easy to guess the topic of this work. Sep 11th, but you must have more to think about! Cigarettes, black blocks looking like buildings, smoke and fire; all of these together bring thoughts about how a political event can make a huge effect on the social life, consuming methods and thinking types for an average man




About the artist:-

Raed Ibrahim is a Jordanian artist born in 1971. He is an artist and an art professor at University of Jordan, his work mainly focuses on social and political issues, showing his ideas in a vague way that helps the viewers question the work in order to reach some answers.

The artist works in various mediums and has exhibited his work in Jordan and the region. This exhibition made it -perfectly- to Darat Al-Funun since it is one of the very rare places in Amman that hosts such a exhibitions with powerful concepts.